'Altered Carbon' season 2 spoilers: Questions surface and expectations rise

(Facebook/AltCarb)A promotional image for Netflix's "Altered Carbon."

With the pilot season of Netflix's latest science fiction series "Altered Carbon" already in the books, fans are already talking about what season 2 has in store.

With the series based on a 2002 novel of the same title, fans are somewhat expecting to see a number of things based on what transpired in the book. DigitalSpy reported, however, that the show's second season may veer away from the book's storyline, considering that Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman) is the only major character that continues over from book one (Altered Carbon) to the sequel titled "Broken Angels."

The report said that Netflix could give the series a complete relaunch by bringing back some of the characters and themes from the pilot season. In the second book, Kovacs finds himself on Sanction IV, a faraway colony, with some three decades after the events of the "Altered Carbon" book. He is now part of a group of mercenaries called Carrera's Wedge, who are busy fending off a rebellion against the government, which is sponsored by the corporate world.

Their campaign, however, would be a disaster and will eventually end up joining forces with pilot Jan Schneider. Their mission was to recover an alien artifact right at the heart of a war zone, and his journey will be filled with cobwebs of conspiracies and deception.

Meanwhile, "Altered Carbon" showrunner Laeta Kalogridis shared some of her plans for season 2. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kalogridis said that writer Richard K. Morgan, who authored the series' novel counterparts, met with her and discussed how season 2 will pan out. "Richard came and worked with us in the writers' room for a couple weeks to try and hammer out a story that was able to use elements of the second book without creating the vastness that is the second book," the showrunner said.

"Also, the stuff we created in the first season that conflated some elements from the third book — like bring Quell (Renee Elise Goldsberry) into the story earlier — that also altered the structure significantly," Kalogridis noted. "Richard and I have a plan, I don't know how people will feel about the plan, but we do have one!" he went on to say.

Season 1 of "Altered Carbon" is currently streaming on Netflix.