'Flip or Flop' host Tarek El Moussa says fame made entire divorce ordeal tougher

(Facebook/HGTV)The El Moussa's during their happier days as a couple.

Going through a divorce is one of the toughest things couples can go through. The ordeal, however, can get even more difficult if the ones involved are celebrities who are always on the spotlight.

"Flip or Flop" star Tarek El Moussa shared in an interview with FOX News that he and his ex-wife Christina El Moussa's popularity did not help them a bit in going through the process. The real estate guru said that having the eyes of the public focused on them added to all the pressure they had to go through.

"Like any couple that's getting divorced it's very, very difficult obviously," said the 36-year-old Tarek. "Half of the nation is divorced [but] because of who were are, being on TV, and people knowing who we are, it was a very public divorce and it's still a very public divorce. So I would say it has been a lot more difficult than it would have been if it was private," he added.

Tarek noted, however, that they knew that they were putting their private affairs in the scrutinizing eyes of the public. "Obviously, if you're on TV, you're in the public so our private life is completely open. Everybody knows everything about us." Moreover, he also shared his disgust for all the fake news that is being thrown about him, regardless if they are directed to his divorce or other aspects of his life.

On the flipside, he said that their television exposure also had its advantages, as "Flip or Flop" became successful because people knew partly of their personal lives.

Meanwhile, Tarek denied that he is going out with model Patience Silva. "[She] was just someone that I was briefly talking to, but [it] never went anywhere," said Tarek in an interview with Us Weekly. "We only hung out once," he added. With Valentine's Day approaching, Tarek said that he will instead spend the occasion with his 7-year-old daughter, Taylor.

The two will be going out on dinner at his daughter's favorite restaurant in Newport Beach while "overlooking the water," Tarek went on to say.