'Flip or Flop' news: Christina El Moussa asks network to pay her $1 million per season

(Facebook/HGTV)A promotional image for "Flip or Flop"

Christina El Moussa doesn't seem to be done, as far as the popular TV show she used to host is concerned.

In a report by In Touch Weekly, a source who is close to the matter said that the co-host of real estate-based TV show "Flip or Flop" is currently asking HGTV $1 million dollars per season to keep her on the network and continue heading the show. The source also mentioned that the 33-year-old blonde was pitching to be the lone star of the show.

"Christina knows that all of her personal drama has brought the network huge ratings. She's in a place of power," the source remarked, noting that El Moussa also had other demands. The source shared that apart from the million dollar deal per season, she also requested for shorter filming hours, transportation, and her own trailer complete with all the works, namely, her own wardrobe and hair and makeup accommodations.

The interesting twist, however, is that HGTV may grant Christina's wishes, but they will still retain her ex-husband, Tarek, in the show to add more color. The source said that she was "desperate to ditch Tarek, but the network wants to keep him around for the friction." In addition, the source also said that Tarek was also asking for $1 million for the network to keep him, which is unlikely to happen.

With the show's status still in limbo, HGTV confirmed last month that they will be coming out with spin-offs of "Flip or Flop." According to a report from TMZ, there will be five different spin-offs of the show based on different cities, but sources close to the matter clarified that the ex-couple will not be getting a single dime for any of the show's incarnations.

It can be recalled that both Tarek and Christina were earlier reported to be pitching their own separate shows to the network, with a source saying that Christina was "hell bent on breaking out on her own."