Google to enter video gaming market with new console?

(Reuters/Arnd Wiegmann/Files)Google may soon challenge Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo for video gaming supremacy.

There's no doubt that video gaming wars is as competitive as ever, with companies releasing new products and all sorts of gimmicks to attract gaming enthusiasts across the globe. With Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo locked in a tightly-contested battle for gaming console supremacy, another player is rumored to be waiting in the wings and gearing up to join the party.

According to a Daily Star report, tech giant Google is preparing to enter the video game arena. Tech experts and insiders believe that the company may even release its Googlebox console to go head-to-head with the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

One of the key developments within the company that fueled speculations is Google's hiring of Phil Harrison. Harrison was the former corporate vice-president of Microsoft where he led the Interactive Entertainment Team of Microsoft since 2012.

Prior to joining Microsoft, he also had stints with Sony and Atari. In Sony, he helped developer the PlayStation brand, which has been the recognized leader among consoles. Currently, he is serving as vice-president and general manager in Google's headquarters in California. "Excited to be able to share that today I've started a new role as Vice President and GM of Google - and relocating (back) to California," Harrison posted on Twitter earlier this month.

In addition, Harrison also shared his thoughts on Microsoft's potential rivals and how they have managed to maintain their respective status as industry leaders. "Nintendo has surprised me in a good way. They've put some excitement back in, or at least added a dynamic to the console equation that wasn't there previously," Harrison said in an interview with VentureBeat.

"From my focus group of a household with younger children, Switch is definitely the console that gets used. Mainly because of the content types," the new Google executive added. As for Sony, Harrison noted that the company excelled in creating a "powerful distribution network outside of the U.S. and the U.K."

Only time will tell if Google will indeed enter as a new player in the gaming wars where players and gaming enthusiasts almost always end up as winners.