'Narcos' season 4 to feature a lot of Mexican music

(Facebook/NarcosNetflix)"Narcos" will return to Netflix for a fourth season in 2018.

As Netflix's original series "Narcos" shifts from Colombia to Mexico, fans can expect huge changes in virtually all aspects, except maybe for the illegal drugs that have been the main focal point of the show. Apart from a brand new setting and some fresh new faces who will serve as protagonists and antagonists, the show's music will also see a dramatic change.

According to a report from Billboard, fans can expect to hear a lot of Mexican music in "Narcos" season 4. If the first two seasons played Colombian tunes with vintage salsa vibes, the upcoming season will be very different. "There will be tons of music from Mexico," said the series' music supervisor, Liza Richardson.

Though Richardson did not reveal any specifics when it comes to the tunes, the music will perfectly blend with the Guadalajara cartel, which replaces the Cali Cartel from the previous season, the report noted. Back in December, Netflix posted a season 4 teaser on Twitter, captioned with the words, "Guadalajara is not only the birthplace of mariachi and tequila, it's also the home of the newest season of Narcos. Coming 2018."

In addition, the post also came with a teaser video showing Mexican musical performers playing a Mariachi-inspired rendition of "Tuyo." The video also revealed the names of actors Diego Luna and Michael Peña as two of the show's main stars. Back in December, showrunner Eric Newman confirmed that the new season will no longer involve actor Pedro Pascal who played the role of DEA agent Javier Peña.

Newman also stressed that the show revolves around the drugs and that the characters just follow. "The continuing character on the show was always intended to be cocaine and the futile war against it," explained the producer in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"Our characters are important, and there are a lot of similarities where, as we like to say, there are bad guys and very bad guys, but they are secondary to the cocaine. It's about the ongoing war against drugs and against cocaine and the inherent, unwinnable nature of that conflict," Newman added.

"Narcos" season 4 will return sometime in August or September of this year on Netflix.