New 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' concept art revealed at franchise' 30th-anniversary exhibit

(Square Enix)A preview screenshot from "Final Fantasy VII" remake

As fans wait for the official release date of the "Final Fantasy VII Remake," a new detail of the video game revealed this week.

According to a report from WCCF Tech, an image of the concept art for the upcoming title floated online. The image debuted during the "Final Fantasy" 30th Anniversary Exhibition held at the Mori Arts Center Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. The image was shared online by "Final Fantasy" fan and Twitter user junshen who attended the festivities.

"This is the art panels shows," wrote junshen on Twitter. "The 3rd photo should be the new dialogue played when you enter the room," he added, as he posted snapshots of what he saw during the exhibit. Also shared by junshen are images of showing some of the key locations in the "Final Fantasy VII Remake," like the city of Midgar. In addition, he also took pictures of some panels showing members of AVALANCHE.

The "Final Fantasy" 30th Anniversary Exhibition is a big deal for fans of the franchise who have been eagerly waiting for news and updates on the "Final Fantasy VII Remake" video game. Since it was first announced back in 2014, Square Enix has yet to confirm a release date. Earlier this month, however, company president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda confirmed that Square Enix will announce the release dates of some of their upcoming games between April of this year until the E3 2018 event, which is slated for June.

Matsuda, however, categorically did not mention "Final Fantasy VII Remake," though the game was already confirmed to be in the pipeline together with "Kingdom Hearts 3," a report from Express noted. In addition, they also released a trailer featuring the new and upcoming Universal Studios Japan VR attraction titled the "Final Fantasy XR Ride."

Interestingly, the trailer teased some action scenes from the upcoming game that featured Sephiroth and Cloud fighting. With no official release date, it is safe to say that "Final Fantasy VII Remake" is still in the middle of development.