Nokia 3310 to become available in Europe this week; device's price is higher than MSRP

(Reuters/Paul Hanna)Arto Nummela, CEO of Nokia-HMD, holds up a Nokia 3310 device during a presentation ceremony at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, February 26, 2017.

Nostalgia has been the main engine behind the resurgence of an iconic handset from Finnish company Nokia, and despite its old school elements, the 3310 will still be hitting the shelves in Europe later this week.

According to a report by GMS Arena, the classic mobile phone that became one of the most popular picks close to two decades ago will become available in the region this coming April 28. The date was confirmed through a listing by German retailer ComStern where they posted about the device's availability beginning Friday.

Furthermore, the report also noted that the price tag for of the resurrected and restyled 3310 is a bit higher than the projected MSRP of EUR 49 that was earlier announced by HMD Global during the Mobile World Congress earlier this year. The report said that certain European countries like Norway, Austria, and the Czech Republic were listing the device at around the EUR 59 mark.

Moreover, a 3G-enabled version of the 3310 was listed by some retailers in Sweden, with a price tag of EUR 93, according to a report by Phone Arena. The alleged rumor about such model, however, has been debunked by HMD, who is in charge of the device's resurrection. The company said that the listing was an error, although there was no clarification for the EUR 93 price tag.

The Nokia 3310, together with the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 were made available for pre-order during the first week of March, with the other two devices listed at EUR 149 and EUR 199, respectively. The colors confirmed for the 3310 include blue, yellow, red, and gray. According to Nokia's official description of the mobile phone, it is "a modern classic reimagined," that comes with a battery stand up time that could last up to a full month and features the iconic game Snake.

In addition, it also comes with a custom-designed interface and a 2.4-inch polarized curved screen window that enables users to see clearly even when under bright sunlight.