'One Punch Man' season 2 spoilers: Fans predict that Garou won't defeat Saitama; image song in the works

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Despite not having a definite release date for its second season, "One Punch Man" continues to build momentum and excitement as fans speculate on what will happen to the bald superhero.

According to a report from Korea Portal, a big number of fans still believe that Garou, the reported super-villain that will be showcased in the hit anime show's second season, will not have enough power to defeat the protagonist, Saitama. Discussions from GameFAQs pointed to skepticism among the fans when it came to Garou's abilities to topple the hero. However, the general consensus was that the opponent will be able to pose a serious challenge.

Apart from a potential encounter with Garou, as well as Lord Boros, whom he already beat earlier, rumors have also been swirling online, saying that Saitama will go head on against the Monster Association. Moreover, the report also mentioned the possibility of Saitama being pitted against Vaccine Man, Deep Sea King, Mosquito Girl, Beefcake, and Amai Mask.

Meanwhile, a report from Crunchyroll said that an image song for the upcoming season is already in the works, and it is being prepared by JAM Project. The anime song super group will reportedly release a special CD containing the song titled "The Hero!!" and it will also include an audio drama supervised by ONE, the original web manga creator.

Earlier this month, it has been reported that production for One Punch Man season two had already begun, seven months after it was officially confirmed during the Wanpan Festival event in Japan. News of a follow-up to the successful pilot season first came through a tweet from Ken Ryo, who posted a scanned picture of a magazine that said season two is already being produced. As for the anime's manga counterpart, the 13th Volume compilation was already released, while chapter 74 was already published on Shueisha's Young Jump Web Comics website.