OPPO partners with Qualcomm for '5G pioneer initiative' in 2019

(Reuters/Edgar Su)OPPO is looking to offer 5G smartphones next year.

With the ever-changing smartphone landscape, companies are starting to look beyond in regard to the next technological innovations they can offer to the public. Some even forge partnerships with other giants to achieve some of their lofty goals.

According to a report from The Economic Times, smartphone manufacturer OPPO has sealed a partnership with chip-making giant Qualcomm Technologies to create 5G-ready mobile phones next year. OPPO made the announcement last Monday during the "2018 Qualcomm Technology Day" held in China, the report added.

Through the partnership, Qualcomm will provide solutions like radio frequency front-end field to the smartphone manufacturer as part of the latter's "5G Pioneer Iniative." OPPO CEO Tony Chen said that the company is looking to delve into new technologies in the near future as the smartphone and communications landscape change.

"In the future, OPPO will continue to invest in groundbreaking technologies such as 5G and Artificial Intelligence, and apply these to product scenarios based on the core needs of users," said Chen.

This year, however, OPPO will focus its attention to penetrating other markets in a global fashion. "In 2018, OPPO will speed up entry into global markets, and specifically enter more developed countries like Japan, to provide smartphones featuring advanced technologies and artistic design to more users in the world," Chen added.

Meanwhile, The Indian Express noted that another Chinese player is looking to expand its offerings using the 5G technology. Chinese telecommunications company ZTE is reportedly planning to sell 5G smartphones in the U.S. next year. According to ZTE U.S. division CEO Lixin Cheng, the company is targeting and end of 2018 to early 2019 roll out of the new smartphones.

Furthermore, the report also said that U.S.-based companies like AT&T have already announced its entry into the 5G arena, where it will roll out services in different cities within the year. As things are shifting into high gear, it is interesting to see how the other players, both big and small ones, react to OPPO's latest move.