'Pokémon GO' tips and tricks: Earning more coins by claiming gyms

(Reuters/Sam Mircovich/Illustration)The augmented reality mobile game ''Pokemon Go'' by Nintendo is shown on a smartphone screen in this photo illustration taken in Palm Springs, California U.S. July 11, 2016.

The popularity of the free mobile game "Pokémon GO" continues to grow, as new creatures and seasonal events keep the momentum going. Players, on the other hand, remain watchful of the latest tips and tricks that would give them opportunities to upgrade their pets.

In an article posted by USGamer, trainers can earn more Pokécoins by defending or taking over a Gym. Pokécoins is the currency used in the game, which can be earned by accomplishing certain tasks, or by purchasing them using real money. To defend a gym, the trainer must first reach level 5 so that he can join a Gym Team.

Afterward, players should place one Pokémon in a Gym that it can defend, and as long as the Pokémon is stationed in the Gym, players will receive a Defender Bonus amounting to 10 Pokécoins for every 20 hours. Through this strategy, players can earn up to as much as 100 Pokecoins per day, as players are allowed to man up to 10 Gyms.

Another trick is to take over an occupied Gym by battling its members, and after prevailing, players should place one of their strongest Pokémon creatures to man the gym as long as it can. Players will then earn Defender Bonus, which translate to more Pokécoins.

Another useful tip that will keep players from spending much of their hard-earned Pokécoins or even their real money when hunting for items is to frequently visit PokéStops. By waiting around the PokéStops, players can earn free items, and the process can be repeated every five minutes.

Since its launch in July 2016, "Pokémon GO" has enjoyed remarkable success, with Niantic CEO John Hanke confirming earlier this month that the game currently has 65 million active users. In addition, the game also took home "Best Mobile and Handheld Game" from the British Academy of Film, Television and Arts (BAFTA) Game Awards.