'Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon' release first set of free Legendaries

(PokemonLegendary.com)An image of Pokemon Legendaries Dialga and Pialka.

Players of one of Pokemon franchise's most popular handheld games can now enjoy the first batch of Legendaries — for free.

The Pokemon Company released this week some cool giveaways for "Pokemon Ultra Sun" and "Pokemon Ultra Moon" players, in line with its Year of Legendary Pokemon celebration. Gamers will get a crack at owning a free Legendary for every month of 2018. The company announced that Legendaries Dialga and Palkia will kick off the festivities.

Players can head on to a participating GameStop location in the U.S. to get a download code for the two Space and Time Pokemon, Gamespot reported. The code can be redeemed in any of the two games including the old "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" games for the entire month of February, the report added. The code, however, can only be redeemed until May 28.

As for the two Legendaries' move sets, Palkia will come with the Spacial Rend, Aura Sphere, Draco Meteor, and Hydro Pump. On the other hand, Dialga will be armed with the Roar of Time, Aura Sphere, Draco Meteor, and Flash Cannon. The official character description puts both Legendaries at level 100, with the Pressure ability and a Gold Bottle Cap held item.

In addition, The Pokemon Company also listed down the mechanics on how to obtain Palkia and Dialga. Upon receiving the code from GameStop, players should head on the main menu and select the Mystery Gift option followed by the Receive Gift option. Players should then click on Get with Code/Password followed by Yes, then another Yes to go online. Once connected, players can then enter their code to receive the Legendaries.

To pick up the Pokemon, players can then head on to the nearest Pokemon Center then seal the deal by saving their game. The Pokemon Company has already revealed the lineup of Legendaries for the following months. In March, Regigigas and Heatran are scheduled to appear, followed by Entei and Raikou in April. May will be the month for Xernas and Yveltal while June will be for Shiny Zygarde.