PS4 Pro firmware update brings huge graphics improvements for playing in 1080p

(Facebook/playstation)A promotional image for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Sony's latest update for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) will render big improvements on the graphics area, even for those PS4 Pro owners who are not yet using 4K television sets.

According to a report from Gamespot, the PS4 System Software Update version 5.5 will give PS4 Pro owners a huge boost in terms of graphics via the supersample anti-aliasing (SSAA). Through the SSAA that comes with the latest firmware update, the PS4 Pro consoles can use their extra power on non-4K TV sets and allow the SSAA to takeover once it outputs 1080p resolution. Console owners, however, can enable the option manually, the report added.

The report noted that the SSAA is one form of anti-aliasing which prompts a video game to yield a much higher resolution in a downscaled manner, allowing it to fit seamlessly in the TV screen's given resolution. The result is a clearer and smoother picture, albeit, in a smaller version.

Meanwhile, Eurogamer's Digital Foundry tested the SSAA and revealed an interesting observation that performance in some games is affected whenever the SSAA is enabled. Digital Foundry tested the SSAA on "The Last Guardian," which yielded not so favorable results. Though the image quality is significantly improved, the game's frame rate was badly affected. The report said that the frame rate in 4K mode dropped to as low as 20fps.

The same can be said for "Call of Duty: Black Ops 3," whose frame rate was also affected by the SSAA, the report added. Meanwhile, VG24/7 noted that the 5.5 update is still in beta phase, and Sony has yet to announce an official release date for the finalized version.

Updates and innovations in some of the leading consoles are expected, considering the stiff competition among gaming giants. Just recently, the Daily Star reported that a new player may join the console wars and challenge leaders like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Tech giant Google is reportedly preparing to dive into the video gaming battles, as experts and insiders believe that it will release its Googlebox console and challenge the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Speculations were buoyed by the company's hiring of Phil Harrison, who was the former corporate vice-president of Microsoft and who spearheaded the company's Interactive Entertainment Team since 2012. Harrison also had stints with Sony and Atari.