Rumors of Jennifer Aniston confronting former 'Friends' co-stars debunked

(Reuters/Danny Moloshok)Jennifer Aniston with husband Justin Theroux.

After news broke claiming Jennifer Aniston had an encounter with her former co-stars in their hit TV sitcom, a new report surfaced dispelling the claim.

According to a report from Gossip Cop, the actress did not have a verbal tussle with actresses Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox over the former's alleged meetings with ex-lover, Brad Pitt. Kudrow and Cox were Aniston's co-stars in the hit series "Friends."

The report debunks the claims made by a news item from New Idea that a "furious" Aniston confronted and lashed out at her former co-workers after the latter's disapproval of her alleged meetings with Pitt. The Gossip Cop report stressed that the actress has not been meeting with the actor, and it also dispelled the rumors that Aniston had met the children of Pitt after the actress visited the actor's house.

The New Idea report claimed that Aniston and Pitt have been spending time together after the latter's divorce with actress Angelina Jolie. In response, Kudrow and Cox allegedly expressed their disagreement, saying Aniston was putting her marriage with Justin Theroux in peril.

"For years, Courteney and Lisa were there for Jen morning, noon and night after Brad broke her heart and they were a great comfort to her," a source told New Idea. "She has come so far in rebuilding her life and heart, and marrying Justin was the best thing she's done," the source added.

Moreover, the insider said that Aniston had been spending so much time with Pitt that "Courteney and Lisa can't help but think that she's risking everything. She assures us that they're just friends and that she's helping him through a difficult time after the split and it's all fine with Justin, but they can't help but be worried."

Last week, Gossip Cop also debunked a report picked up by Hollywood Life, claiming Aniston saw Pitt's kids while they were playing outside their house. A source also said that the report was untrue, saying Aniston had never met her ex-lover's children.