Samsung improves highly-criticized emoji lineup with new update

(Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji)Samsung Galaxy S8 users will soon enjoy new and improved emojis.

Samsung has been known for introducing cutting-edge technology and breathtaking features in their flagship devices. The company, however, is not perfect, as its emoji lineup has been criticized for quite some time — until now.

The Korean tech giant is set to roll out its Android Oreo update, which will vastly improve its emoji library from Samsung Experience 8.5 to Samsung Experience 9.0., DroidLife reported. Samsung's emojis have been widely criticized for poorly invoking what the sender is really trying to imply. Though the emojis may look cute at first, the emotions they portray fail badly in terms of sending the message the sender is trying to deliver.

Interestingly, Emojipedia came up with a detailed comparison of the emojis from the old Samsung Experience 8.5 and the upcoming Samsung 9.0. A report from TheVerge noted that the new set of emojis will no longer feature angled and tilted faces, with almost all of the facial expressions receiving their much-needed tweaking. As for the other emojis like the animals, some will receive new colors that are designed to give the emojis a more streamlined look compared with other operating systems.

Furthermore, the report also said that Samsung will finally change its emoji for the chocolate chip cookie. With the Samsung Experience 8.5, the said emoji shows an image of two square-sized regular crackers. On the other hand, the updated emoji will feature two cookies that really look like chocolate chip cookies.

Meanwhile, users who are looking for new emojis will also get their fair share. Once the update is rolled out, they can start using an exploding head, a face with a monocle, and a face that is star-struck.

Samsung will be very busy over the next two weeks as the company is preparing for the grand launching of its upcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S9. The device is slated for launch on Feb. 25, a day before the Mobile World Congress 2018.