SNES Classic Edition latest news, rumors: Console to be released holiday 2017?

(Creative Commons/ Nintendo Stand at the 2012 E3

It seems that saying "when a door is closed, a window gets opened" applies to Nintendo. With the recent shutting down of the NES Classic's production, its big brother will reportedly pick up the cudgels and continue the journey.

According to a report from Eurogamer, the video game developer is said to be releasing a mini version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or more popularly called SNES back in the 1990's, said some sources who are close to the matter. The sources shared that production for the small version of the iconic console has already started and that the target release date will be sometime during the holiday season.

The report speculated that the planned release of the console could well be the main reason why the NES Classic was discontinued globally just this month. A report by Gamespot, however, said that Nintendo remained mum, as far as confirming the reason.

Some of the most popular titles that came out on the SNES include "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past," "Super Mario Kart," "Street Fighter II," and "Super Mario World," among many others. With the remarkable success of the NES Classic in its short run of just six months, it is very likely that the SNES Classic will also carry these iconic games that will get the players from the 90's excited.

A report from IGN, on the other hand, noted that there is no confirmation if the SNES Classic will no longer suffer the same issues the NES Classic came with. Apart from the extreme shortage in stocks, the NES Classic also offered problems in terms of the length of its controllers, which players complained to be very short.

Earlier this week, Nintendo confirmed that they will ship the last batch of the NES consoles within the month in North America. The coverage of the stoppage also happened in Japan where the production for the NES' counterpart, the Famicom, was also halted.