'Solo: A Star Wars Story' trailer to premiere on 'Good Morning America' on Feb. 5

(Facebook/StarWarsPH)"Solo: A Star Wars Story" will come to the big screens on May 25.

With the recent success of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," fans of the franchise are currently waiting for the first trailer for another film from the iconic series. Their wait, however, will no longer take very long.

According to a report from Collider, the trailer for "Solo: A Star Wars Story" will premiere on Monday, Feb. 5, during the "Good Morning America" show. Disney made the announcement this week, which will somehow take away the worries of fans in relation to the upcoming film's promotion. The report said that the studio's efforts in marketing the film have not been that aggressive, considering its release is already on May 25.

Though the full trailer may be slated for Monday, there is also a possibility that fans may get a glimpse of it a day earlier. BirthMoviesDeath noted that there is still a glimmer of hope that a short teaser of the trailer may be aired during the upcoming Super Bowl this Sunday, Feb. 4. With all the speculations sprouting online, it would be best for fans to tune in to the annual sporting spectacle for a possible surprise.

Meanwhile, in other "Star Wars" related news, EA's "Star Wars: Battlefront II" underperformed in terms of sales, according to Sarah Needleman of The Wall Street Journal (WSJ). EA was able to ship only nine million copies during the game's launch month, which is way below the output of its predecessor "Star Wars: Battlefront," which sold 13 million copies on its launch month back in 2015.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, on the other hand, confirmed to WSJ that the controversial microtransactions will return "in the next few months." The EA boss noted that they will roll out the feature when the "think it's ready."

The microtransactions have been in the spotlight of the gaming industry since late last year. Various groups have been divided on the issue, as others claim that they are a form of gambling, while others believe otherwise.