'Soulcalibur VI' news: Release date still undetermined; returning characters include Kilik, Nightmare and more

(Facebook/SoulCalibur)Sophitia is one of the characters expected to return in "Soulcalibur VI."

One of the most anticipated games from Bandai Namco Entertainment for 2018 is "Soulcalibur VI." The title has been surrounded by rumors and speculations concerning its release date and other key details, which is understandable, considering the excitement and anticipation coming from the fans of the franchise.

According to a report from TrustedReviews, the only thing certain in relation to the game's release date is that it will be launched this year. The specific date, however, is yet to be announced by the developer. Moreover, another thing certain is that the game will be released across leading platforms, namely, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and PC.

As for the characters, Bandai Namco Europe last month confirmed in a tweet that some characters will be returning. "Kilik, Nightmare and Xianghua return to the stage of history! Welcome newcomer Grøh who joins the roster of SOULCALIBUR for the first time in the series!" the developer posted. Furthermore, some of the other characters expected to appear include Sophitia and Mitsuragi, along with Ivy, Raphael, Astaroth, Siegfried, and Cervantes, to name a few.

When it comes to the gameplay, a Daily Star report noted that the developer is looking to refine the core gameplay while adding a new sense of style. "Soulcalibur VI" will be built using Unreal Engine 4 and will bring in new features and mechanics to the series. These will include the Reversal Edge, which pits players in a rock, paper, and scissors type of contest. In addition, Critical Edges and Guard Impacts will also make a comeback.

Meanwhile, producer Motohiro Okubo said in a recent interview that they are looking to give the upcoming game a feeling inspired by "Soulcalibur" and "Soulcalibur II." "First, in SC6 Mitsurugi and Sophitia have become young again, in terms of timeline we will be returning to SC1 & SC2," Okubo shared.

"You might think, hey doesn't that make the story the same as SC1 & SC2? Well, how the destiny and fate of each character turns out, please play to find out after the game is released," the producer added.