'The Bachelor Winter Games' to showcase cast members coming from different parts of the globe

(Facebook/TheBachelor)A promotional image for "The Bachelor Winter Games."

A new "Bachelor" spin-off is set to premiere later this week, and fans are eagerly waiting for news, details, and what they can expect from the participants. Interestingly, the new series, albeit short, will feature a cast comprising of men coming from different parts of the world.

According to a report from TheStar.com, "The Bachelor Winter Games" will feature participants from the U.S. and beyond. These will include men from other countries like Australia, Finland, New Zealand, the U.K. Japan, Germany, Sweden, and lastly, Canada. The four-episode series will showcase the participants getting involved in different kinds of winter sports such as ice dancing, skating, skiing, and a biathlon with a romantic touch.

The spin-off, however, will not be like the regular "Bachelor" in the sense that it will not be as cutthroat. "The show cannot be about competition," said host Chris Harrison during a conference call with the media. "That was the kind of fatal flaw with Bachelor Pad . . . is that it became a game show. And it became about the money and the twist at the end," he added. The host referred to the cash prize component of the show, wherein the final two participants get to decide if they will share the money them or keep it to themselves.

"Well The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are successful because there is no twist. It's always about relationships and so . . . Bachelor Winter Games has to be about, at the end of the day, relationships," Harrison went on to say.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly noted some of the elements that will make the short series attractive to viewers. Aside from the mix of races joining the show, fans can also look forward to Yuki Kimura of "The Bachelor Japan," and how she will get through with the language barrier. Another is 33-year-old Kevin Wendt. The firefighter from Waterloo, Ontario easily draws a striking resemblance with actor James Marsden.

"The Bachelor Winter Games" premieres on Tuesday, Feb. 13, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.