AMD news: Ryzen CPU to launch in early March, according to AMD head

(YouTube / AMD)A screenshot showming AMD's logo

One of the much-awaited Central Processing Units (CPU) is scheduled to be released in March, and its availability will likely be good enough to cover public demand.

In a report from PCWorld, AMD Chief Executive Officer Dr. Lisa Su confirmed, during AMD's recent Earnings Call, that the company's Ryzen desktop processors will come out in the early part of March, ending previous speculations that the highly-anticipated CPU will see a February debut.

"There will be widespread system availability from day one," Su confirmed during the call. In terms of distribution, channel vendors get to receive the first set of Ryzen chips together with the system integrators, while the traditional vendors will follow suit at a later time. This latest statement from AMD's top honcho means that boutique PC vendors will be prioritized while hardware vendors like HP or Dell will have to wait a little bit longer.

Furthermore, Su also gave a glimpse of what to come after the launching of the Ryzen. She mentioned the Zen 2 and Zen 3, which are projected to be next in line in the AMD's Zen roadmap. She also confirmed that the company is exploring the 7-nm manufacturing process, a move that will quell concerns coming from the company's hardware partners, in relation to a possibility of competing with Intel.

Aside from the Ryzen, Su also confirmed that Naples, AMD's Zen-based server, will also be launching this year, sometime in the second quarter. In addition, the Vega GPUs will also see a second quarter launch, while the second half of the year will likely showcase the Raven Ridge, a Zen-based APU that will cater to desktops and notebooks.

Meanwhile, Thai tech website Zolkorn recently spoke to reliable sources who confirmed that AMD will not be releasing hex-core chips for Ryzen. Instead, they will be launching quad and octa-core chips, the report said.

The company also predicted that their revenue will drop by 11 percent for the first quarter. However, Su explained that AMD does not have much to offer on the table prior to Ryzen because the company is clearing its channel inventory.