Android P OS rumored to launch mid-March

(Reuters/Mark Blinch)A Google Android figurine sits on the welcome desk.

A new operating system (OS) is well on its way, and its preview may be just around the corner.

According to a Twitter post from trusted phone and tech leaker Evan Blass, the Android P OS may come in a few weeks' time. "Android P Developer Preview 1 is targeting a mid-month release," posted Blass. The caveat, however, is that interested parties must first be registered as a developer with Google to obtain the software.

The "P" on the OS' name still remains to be a mystery as far as what the letter stands for, a TechRadar report noted. Interestingly, however, there have also been rumors that the code will come out on March 14, or 3/14, which is close to the value of the Pi. Once the early editions of the OS are launched, the public can expect to learn more about the new features that Google will introduce. This may include advanced options that will enable blocking of scam calls even before they get through the receiver, the report added.

Earlier last month, Bloomberg reported that the Android P software will be overhauled to accommodate the notch that is found in some of the upcoming smartphone models this year. The notch became widely talked-about feature of Apple's flagship smartphone, the iPhone X, which some companies will reportedly mimic.

Moreover, sources close to the matter also shared that the software will further integrate the digital assistant, offer support for new designs such as foldable displays and multiple screens, and improve and prolong battery life, the report added.

Google's approach on the Android P, incidentally, is a stark contrast to that of the iPhones OS. It can be noted that the latter is more inclined to applying system improvements that affect performance and reliability.

In addition, the sources who requested anonymity said that the Android P is also geared toward convincing iPhone users to switch to Android devices, with the latter's much-improved look of the software.