Ashley Madison users hack news update: Cheating website sees increase in subscribers despite hack

(Reuters/Bobby Yip)Ashley Madison founder Noel Biderman poses with a poster during an interview at a hotel in Hong Kong August 28, 2013

Even after a much publicized security system failure, wherein thousands of users' information have been leaked online, the cheating website called Ashley Madison is getting more subscriptions.

According to Ashley Madison, they have garnered 4.6 million more members on their site when the number of their subscribers jumped from 38.9 million from Aug. 18 to 43.4 million just last Tuesday, Dec. 29.

It was on Aug. 18 when hackers infiltrated Ashley Madison's system and stole thousands of information from their anonymous users.

The hackers then released the information online, which caused quite an embarrassment for many couples and families.

It even forced Josh Duggar of the "19 Kids and Counting" show to face his demons, when it was revealed that he had two subscriptions on the cheating website.

Ever since he was revealed to be a frequent user of the adultery website, Duggar shunned the limelight and was said to have been undergoing rehabilitation for his addiction to pornography and other issues.

But even after hackers proved that no one is safe within the security systems of the cheating website, more users have signed up on Ashley Madison showing that more people are willing to risk public embarrassment just to get their fix.

At least that's what Ashley Madison is saying.

Some people are wary about the authenticity of Ashley Madison's claims that their number is growing.

Jacqueline Newman, who is the managing partner at Berkman Bottger Newman & Rodd, said that she wonders if what Ashley Madison is saying about their surge in subscribers is actually true.

She said that despite the several divorce cases she and her firm handled, there were no discussions about the adultery website among the couples looking to get separated.

She even questions the legitimacy of Ashley Madison's claims on the number of their existing members, since it's fairly easy to concoct a fake account.

There were even rumors before that some of the accounts on the site were actually fabricated by employees of the site.

But if the number of subscribers is indeed growing, one expert says that it's quite understandable why it is happening.

Dr. Kathy Seifert, a psychologist, says that Ashley Madison may be growing in number because more people are finding it very thrilling to join in something that might get them caught.