'Battlefield 1' news: DLC, updates to be released in the next few months

(YouTube/Battlefield)A screenshot from the "Battlefield 1" trailer

As early as December 2016, there have been a lot of updates regarding what EA has in store for "Battlefield 1" players in 2017.

EA has already confirmed that they will release "Bleed Out" on Jan. 18. "Bleed Out" is a custom version of Rush, in which the health regeneration feature is turned off for players, while enemy soldiers respawn faster than normal.

There is also a patch that EA plans to release next month, with the team claiming that they will be updating the game based on the community feedback that they have been receiving about the game and the results of the constant tests that they have been conducting.

For those who are waiting for a new DLC, it has also been confirmed that the first DLC for "Battlefield 1," titled "They Shall Not Pass," will be released in March as scheduled.

In other "Battlefield 1" news, it seems like there are a lot of good players who have been complaining about being banned from the game simply because they're good at it.

The first report came from Kl-Spazmo, and he posted his experience on Reddit.

Recently, it has been reported that EA is using FairFight to tag players as cheaters based on stats, but it seems like the program has been banning legitimate players as well, simply because they are deemed too good to not be cheating.

Fortunately for Kl-Spazmo, he thought of taking a video of himself playing "Battlefield 1" so that he'll have proof that he was not cheating if he gets banned from the game. The player then contacted EA, and after some review, the developer has unbanned his account.

Sadly, it seems like Kl-Spazmo is not the only victim as there were also other "Battlefield 1" players who have started claiming that EA has been banning them from "Battlefield 1" despite the players not cheating while playing the game.