Black Friday deals from Best Buy, Target, and other retail outlets

(Samsung)Gadgets and smart phones, here represented by the Samsung Galaxy E7, are just some of the products that would be on discount at Black Friday on November 27. Several retail outlets like Best Buy, Target, Fry's, Macy's and others are joining in to give consumers great deals for the holiday season.

Black Friday is coming, and this year, retail outlets would be offering discounts once again to consumers. As the big push for Q4 continues, as well as the holiday season, retailers are enticing consumers to buy and Black Friday is the best time to get those goods at a discount.

Black Friday this year will be on Nov. 27, and several outlets have already put out their own ads for Black Friday. Sorting out which are good and which deals to avoid can be tricky. Though the best rule will always apply, and that is if one thinks it's good, then it's probably the best deal.

That being said, electronic goods and gadgets would be on top of anyone's list. The Huffington Post agrees that smart phones, laptops, tablets and the like will always be a good buy, and would even be better with the right deal. It isn't just smart phones and tablets that would be a good deal; even such things as a flat screen TV or desktop/laptop peripherals and accessories can be good buys as well.

Best Buy would be one of the outlets for electronics and other gadgets. A 49-inch Toshiba HDTV is being offered by Best Buy for only $149.99, according to a report by Nerd Wallet. If HDTV might not be suitable, then there is the 21 inch iMac with an 8gb memory for only $200. Samsung Galaxy-series smart phones are only for $39.99 on that day.

Those of course are just a sampling of what Best Buy has to offer for Black Friday. Target as well joins in on that day, and it is offering the Apple Watch with a $100 gift card. There is no discount from the usual retail price of $349, but the $100 gift card with it will make it a good find.

Fry's has yet to put out its list for Black Friday, though at its site it does have a Black Friday discount for the whole of November, so most likely what applies for November would be the one for Black Friday as well. Some of its more prominent offerings include a 2-in-1 touchscreen Intel laptop for only $89.

Wal-Mart is expected to put out its own ad for Black Friday, though so far none has come out yet. For consumers who aren't into electronics though, Macy's has offerings for Black Friday. There is a 25% off on designer handbags as well as a free glitter tote for any $95 purchase of any fragrance.

Outdated products are also to avoid, though this goes down more to one's preference. There are certainly gems among them, so it is still best to keep an eye on what might just be a gem later on.

As with shopping at any given time, the best rule is still the simplest, and that is to go what one would fancy, though it is still good to first look around and compare prices before making that fast impulse buy.