Chicago Bulls trade rumors: LeBron James could be joining team to play with buddy Dwyane Wade

(Creative Commons/Jason H. Smith)Chicago Bulls' Michael Jordan during the 1996 NBA finals

Despite having played for different teams throughout the various NBA seasons that have passed, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade still continue to keep in touch and stay friends. The bond that they share on court, whether it be as teammates or as opponents, cannot be denied, which is why there have been numerous speculations and reports spreading across the Internet regarding the possibility of the two champions playing together for the Chicago Bulls in the next season.

After giving the Cleveland Cavaliers their historic and first ever NBA title, James is now actually free to leave the team and pursue a different path for his career in the league if he wishes to do so. Due to this fact, it is possible that he might decide to join his friend, Wade, who is now playing for the Bulls. Wade is, of course, doing relatively well with his new team, but if James were to decide to join him, the duo would definitely make the team a formidable contender next year.

The majority of the rumors based their claims on previous statements from James regarding his inspiration for playing basketball. He mentioned in a previous interview that the living NBA legend, Michael Jordan, was his motivation. Based on this statement, many fans believe that it would make perfect sense that James would want to play in Jordan's original team in the NBA league.

"My motivation is this ghost I'm chasing. The ghost played in Chicago," James mentioned in a previous interview with Sports Illustrated.

Of course, the majority of the reports are currently just speculations, and there is no certainty if James would decide to join the Chicago Bulls. There is a possibility that he might join another team altogether, or perhaps stay with the team he led to the championship and aim for it once again in the upcoming new season.