'Clash Royale' update: The Ice Golem is the newest rare card released

(Facebook/ClashRoyale)"Clash Royale" promotional poster

It was only a few days ago that Supercell released the Ice Golem, a new, rare card for "Clash Royale" that players can unlock from the Frozen Peak. Here are more details regarding the new card.

Similar to the Golem and Giant, the Ice Golem is a tank card. What makes it stand out from the former cards is that the Ice Golem will only need two elixirs to summon compared to the eight elixirs that the Golem needs to be summoned.

At level 1, the Ice Golem has 625 Hitpoints, 40 Damage, 16 Damage per second, and 23 Death Damage. As noted by The Bitbag, on its own, the Ice Golem is not very impressive, but if used along with the troops as a mini tank, the card can be very effective against the enemy.

The good news is that despite the initial misgivings that some "Clash Royale" users had against the Ice Golem, it seems like more and more players are now starting to appreciate the tank value of the card, especially since it is only a two-elixir card. In a Reddit thread, a screenshot was uploaded showing how other users were thrashing the card. A lot of other users came to the defense of the Ice Golem, giving hints and tips on how to optimize the use of the Ice Golem.

With the recent release of the Ice Golem, it seems that "Clash Royale" was able to overtake even the very popular "Pokémon GO" in the iOS Store according to App Annie. Currently, "Pokémon GO" is ranked fifth at the iOS Store, with "Clash Royale" ranking fourth. For Android, however, it seems like "Pokémon GO" is still ahead of "Clash Royale" as the former stands in fourth, and the latter in fifth.

For those interested to get more details about the Ice Golem and how to better use it against enemies, Clash with Ash have a gameplay video featuring the new card.