Compile Heart to announce PlayStation Vita-exclusive RPG soon

(YouTube/コンパイルハート)A screenshot from Compile Heart's "New Dimension Game Neptune VIIR."

After revealing the two titles they are working on for the Sony PlayStation 4, Compile Heart teased last Monday that an announcement involving a game for the PlayStation Vita is forthcoming.

Taking to their Twitter account, the Japanese video game developer confirmed that an announcement will be made very soon. "PS Vita-exclusive! A completely new RPG is currently in development!! A completely new RPG for PS Vita is in earnest development at Compile Heart! We hope to announce it soon, so please look forward to it!!" said the company in their post.

No other details were provided, which leaves gaming enthusiasts and observers hanging as they wait for the next batch of updates in the very near future.

Compile Hearts announced two other games over the weekend, namely, "New Dimension Game Neptunia VIIR" and "Genkai Tokki Castle Panzers," which are both slated for release in PS4 and PlayStation VR. The teaser for the first game, via Dual Shockers, showed CPU goddess Neptune, sitting inside a room where players are allowed to interact with her.

The teaser for the second game, on the other hand, showed the princess of a beleaguered empire who is destined to meet the game's protagonist, who is a young man whose private part got stuck in a hole while exploring ruins, which it turn, made him depressed. A report from Dual Shockers added that the man was caught in the eternal battle of picking which ones are better: boobs or butts.

Earlier last month, Neon Overdrive reported that Compile Heart announced that one of their upcoming games, "Gun Gun Pixies," will be delayed in Japan and that the game will come out on April 27, a month later than the original intended date of release. The company shared that they had to conduct general quality improvements to ensure that the game will be enjoyed without hiccups.

The game involves tiny alien females who went to Earth to learn how humans dealt with each other. They intend to use the information they gathered for the salvation of their own species.