'Dead Rising 4' release date news, updates: Latest teaser video shows customizable vehicles for zombie-slaying

(Facebook / DeadRising)"Dead Rising's" protagonist, Frank West.

Game developer and publisher Capcom has just recently published a new teaser trailer for the much-awaited franchise installment "Dead Rising 4." And this time, the trailer focuses on some of the hilarious vehicle customization that fans can try in the game.

The video — which was posted online by IGN on their official YouTube channel — showed how fans can customize various vehicles that they can use to take out massive hoards of zombies in "Dead Rising 4." Watch the full clip below.

By the looks of it, Capcom has improved some of the aspects of the vehicle customization feature in "Dead Rising 4." Fortunately, the combos that fans can create in the game aren't limited to the combinations shown on the trailer, according to Game Rant. There are probably more weapon and vehicle combinations that players can mix and match in the fourth "Dead Rising" game.

There are also, of course, normal vehicles in the game that don't look hilarious, and one example is a military jeep with a gun mounted on its roof.

Meanwhile, it has recently been confirmed that "Dead Rising 4" will not come with a multiplayer co-operative story mode. Gameplay producer David McAneric has suggested that instead of a story mode, players can still team up with their friends and play the game in a survival manner, just like the multiplayer mechanics of "Left 4 Dead" but without the story mode.

"The structure is, the four of you start the game together, you start in a safe house; you get a load up, get some weapons, get yourself ready to go; we unlock the doors, it's killing, mayhem, madness lots of interesting missions that take advantage of our systems," said the gameplay producer, according to Destructoid's report.

"Dead Rising 4" is now scheduled for release on Tuesday, Dec. 6, for the Xbox One and Windows PC platforms.