Destiny 2's' holiday event goes live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

(Bungie)Players get to engage in snowball fights in "Destiny 2's" The Dawning holiday event.

Players of "Destiny 2" are set to have a grand time enjoying Bungie's multiplayer first-person shooter video game as its holiday event is now playable across all platforms.

Tagged as The Dawning, the holiday event is now live on PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, and PC, featuring winter-themed makeovers of different areas. Moreover, also up for grabs are new items players can earn by completing certain challenges, Gamespot reported.

Among the game's social spaces, the Tower and Farm received the biggest holiday makeover. They now showcase different decorations complete with snow all over the place. "There are snowball piles everywhere you look. In the Tower and at the Farm, you can tag your friends for bragging rights," wrote Bungie in a post.

Moreover, the snowballs can also be used in Strikes and inflict a significant amount of damage to their opponents. Meanwhile, Mayhem also returns in the Crucible, giving players the power to recharge their abilities much faster than usual. "Point values are cranked up enough to melt the ice. It's anarchy—and it's awesome," wrote Bungie.

In addition, there will also be Milestones of Winter where rewards await players who complete certain weekly milestones to earn Dawning engrams. The milestones range from completing Mayhem matches to running Strikes. The Dawning runs until Jan. 9, 2018.

Meanwhile, Bungie has released a free "Destiny 2" webcomic titled "Fall of Osiris." Available for download via the Bungie website, the webcomic features 10 pages of awesome artwork revolving on the story on Osiris' fall from grace, as well as some history on his falling out with the Speaker.

The webcomic was penned by Ryan North who is also the writer behind Marvel's "The Unbreakable Squirrel Girl." Helping out North was Christine Thompson who is the narrative lead for "Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris." The cover art was done by Marcio Takara while the inner art was drawn by Ze Carlos.