'Diablo 4' release date rumors: Game to be showcased at BlizzCon 2016?

(Battle.net)Official screenshot from "Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls"

The much-awaited Blizzard event BlizzCon 2016 is just right around the corner and many fans are now getting pretty hyped for what's in store for them at the annual gathering. One of the most talked rumor on the street right now is probably the unveiling of the developer's next installment in the "Diablo" franchise, "Diablo 4" — after a recent speculation, albeit far-fetched, has emerged.

According to YouTuber Rhykker, Blizzard recently rolled out the BlizzCon 2016 goodie bag, and interestingly enough, it contains a rather inconspicuous clue to the company's next game, "Diablo 4." The clue that the YouTuber pointed out in his video — subtitled as the "Dice conspiracy" — is a four-sided die, which is referred to in "Dungeons and Dragons" as "D4," hence, the connection of it to the title.

There is another weird coincidence that Rhykker mentioned in his video. It appears like Blizzard may have accidentally sent out a "misprinted" die where a number seems to be out of place. The YouTuber mentioned that the sequence of the numbers on the die were in fact cryptic that instead of three "1s" on each of its sides — as normal like any other four-sided die — it shows a sequence of two "1s" and a single "4."

He said that this number sequence could be read as 411 or better yet, 4–11, which pretty much translates to Nov. 4, the start date of Blizzard's event this year. However, it should be noted that this is in no way official, and it's just a fan theory regarding the potential existence of "Diablo 4." With that in mind, it would be best to take this one a tiny pinch of salt.

Meanwhile, "Diablo 2" director, David Brevik, was recently spotted around Blizzard's California premises sometime this month, PC Gamer reported, which has undoubtedly ignited the rumor that something is probably up regarding the next title in the franchise.

Brevik, on his Twitter account on Monday, officially debunked the speculation and revealed that he is not working with Blizzard or the next "Diablo" franchise installment at the moment — nor in the future.

More news or even clues about "Diablo 4" should emerge in the coming weeks — if it does in fact exist.