Disney–Fox merger poses serious threat to Netflix

(Reuters/Mike Blake)Netflix will likely face a huge challenge from Disney in 2019.

Though the general public consensus, particularly that of the Marvel fanatics, on the recent Disney–Fox merger is excitement, the same could not be said for one of the leaders in online streaming.

With the Disney buying 21st Century Fox for US$52.4 billion, the former is expected to offer an extensive and impressive content lineup once its own streaming service goes full swing. The company is set to offer shows, series, and movies coming from Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and now, Fox, reported News.com.

With such a massive reach, they are likely to move way ahead of streaming giant Netflix that currently carries some of the titles under the Disney label. There is a big possibility that Disney will even pull out some of their titles that are streaming on Netflix.

"We're not looking to necessarily reach the scale of Netflix quickly but we certainly aim to be an able competitor to theirs," said Disney CEO Bob Iger on Good Morning America. The Disney-branded streaming service is scheduled to launch sometime in 2019, the report added.

Meanwhile, CNN reported that FOX founder Rupert Murdoch is curious as to how Netflix will respond once Disney launches its own streaming service. "When Disney pull all their -- and Fox -- pull their programs back, or stop selling anything to Netflix, it will be interesting how that affects them," said Murdoch earlier this week.

On the flipside, the CNN report noted that Netflix has already been preparing for such an eventuality. Netflix is currently spending billions of dollars in creating films and original series. Interestingly, a report from InvestorPlace cautioned that shareholders of Netflix, Inc. should be concerned of their stocks once the Disney streaming service launches.

The next two years will be critical for Netflix as it prepares for a gigantic threat looming on the horizon. Looking even further into the future, however, the fans will still likely come out as winners, regardless of the titanic clash between the two giants.