'Dragon Ball Super' episode 69 spoilers, plot rumors: 'Dr. Slump' characters will reportedly crossover in upcoming 'DBS' episodes

(Toei Japan Animation)Omni-King Zen-Oh of "Dragon Ball Super"

Major details for the upcoming episodes of the popular Japanese anime series, "Dragon Ball Super" — specifically for episode 69 — have recently been spotted doing rounds online. By the looks of it, it seems like the show will receive another interesting twist, and this time it will feature a crossover from one of Akira Toriyama's other series.

According to the latest post from famed "Dragon Ball" tipster Todd Blankenship — also known as @Herms98 on Twitter — Arale, the main character in Toriyama's "Dr. Slump" series, is now set to make an appearance in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 69.

The upcoming episode is going to be titled, "Goku VS Arale! The Earth Ends in a Wacky Battle?!"

"Goku takes a part-time job as a security guard at the 'World Invention Award,' which features Senbei Norimaki's inventions. Dr. Mashirito, Gatchan, and many other Dr. Slump characters will also appear," read the supposed description for the upcoming episode.

Arale's upcoming appearance in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 69 is not actually the first. According to Forbes, she has already made a brief appearance in the series back in May 2016.

This episode, as what reports have suggested, will kick-off the first ever full crossover for both of Toriyama's works. Judging by the description, it would seem like the upcoming episodes for "Dragon Ball Super" will act as a filler, which is quite common in the series after an arc has passed.

As for what fans can expect next, there were rumors circulating on the internet suggesting that Son Gohan — Goku's eldest son — might return to the battlefield in the upcoming episodes. Gohan could possibly show up for the next arc, which is expected to be the Omni King Universe Tournament.

Unfortunately, there is no official word yet on whether the next arc of the "Dragon Ball Super" anime would feature the tournament or not. At this point, it is highly advisable for the fans to take this report with a tiny pinch of salt and consider it as mere rumors until proven otherwise.