'Dragon Ball Super' episodes 74–77 spoilers, news: Upcoming episodes feature Goku looking for training partners

(www.funimation.com)Screen capture of "Dragon Ball Super" trailer

The upcoming episodes 74 to 77 of "Dragon Ball Super" are already known to fans as filler episodes, but it doesn't mean that the episodes are any less entertaining.

The synopsis for the next four episodes has already been translated by known "Dragon Ball Super" translator Todd Blankenship (@Herms98).

The title for episode 74 is "For The Sake of Those He Loves! The Indomitable Great Saiyaman," and it will show Gohan as a stunt double playing the Great Saiyaman. While Gohan is working on the film, the alien Watagash will try to start problems on earth.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 75, on the other hand, will have Goku bored out of his wits as he has no training partner to spar with. Chi Chi will then call Gohan, and the latter will indulge the two by turning into the Great Saiyaman.

In episode 76, Kuririn will be Goku's next victim as a training partner, with the former suggesting that they train under Turtle Hermit. The Turtle Hermit then asked them to go into the forest to get a herb, the "Paradise Grass." While in the forest, the two meet their old enemies like Frieza, Majin Boo, and Cell.

Episode 77 of "Dragon Ball Super" is the one that has fans excited the most since the synopsis claims that with Goku looking for more training partners, it brought the fighter to Bulma's house, hoping to train with Whis. It is only then that Goku will find out that Bulma and Vegeta are expecting their second child. Even though it is already Bulma's second pregnancy, it seems like Vegeta is still a bundle of nerves because of the impending childbirth.

The main reason that fans were so excited about "Dragon Ball Super" showing Bulma's pregnancy and childbirth is simply because "Dragon Ball" fans know that it will be Bra. Fans are also excited as they speculated that with Bra's arrival on episode 77, it would simply mean that Bra will be part of the Universal Survival Arc that is scheduled to start next month.

Ahead of the Universal Survival Arc for "Dragon Ball Super," the trailer for the arc was released, teasing the upcoming "Tournament of Power."