EA's Peter Moore bids goodbye to the gaming industry

(Wikimedia Commons/Gamerscoreblog)Peter Moore during the Xbox Cup in 2006.

One of the most influential personalities in the gaming industry has walked away to take on a new path.

Electronic Arts' chief competition officer Peter Moore stepped down as head of the video gaming company, as he decided to lead the Liverpool Football Club as its chief executive officer. Moore released a farewell statement via Twitter, containing heartfelt words for the gaming world and his experiences working in the industry for the last 18 years.

"I am leaving behind thousands of great memories that comprise the career journey of a lifetime," said Moore on his statement. "From the advent of online gaming, albeit via a 56K modem, to the 'console wars,' and now to games as 365 days-a-year live experiences, I have been fortunate to have borne witness to the amazing growth of this, our wonderful gaming industry," he added.

He also acknowledged the people he had worked with through the years, as well as the talent that they possessed, saying he is "in awe" of what they do to create games. "As for me, I am crystal clear in understanding that I was merely the front man for your brilliant achievements," Moore added.

Apart from his goodbye statement, Moore also released a video on YouTube, showing images of him during his stints with the previous companies he had worked with, namely, Sega, Microsoft, and EA. Meanwhile, a post on the official website of the Liverpool Football Club announced Moore's impending arrival as the team's CEO in June. The post mentioned that Moore's transfer completes the club's 10-month transition plan by its owners, the Fenway Sports Group, and cements the structure of their senior management.

The 62-year-old executive also led SEGA of America as company president before moving to Microsoft where he became corporate vice president of its Interactive Entertainment Division, which was in charge of overseeing the Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles.