'Fairy Tail' chapter 512 release date news, spoilers: Larcade to use eternal sleep on Sting; Will Sting die?

(Fairytail-TV)Promotional image for "Fairy Tail"

Fans are now getting pretty hyped for what's happening in the popular Japanese manga "Fairy Tail," particularly now that it has recently launched chapter 511.

It appears that Sting Eucliffe has managed to break free from Larcade Dragneel's spell that makes everyone hungry and gives them the urge to eat each other. Because of this, readers now believe that the two will try to kill each other and that the latter might have another trick up his sleeve.

According to reports, Sting has knocked out all of the members of his party to prevent them from eating each other in "Fairy Tail" chapter 511. Unfortunately, this action has put his life in danger, considering that he is the only one left conscious and with a sane mind.

Since Larcade and Sting are the only ones left, fans think that the latter might get in serious trouble as the former is being expected to unveil his next magic power: humans' third greatest desire, sleep.

But it seems like this isn't just the average sleep that humans go through every single day. Reports say that Larcade will cast a spell on Sting that will put him in an eternal sleep state, which could lead to his inevitable defeat – or worse, his death.

There is, of course, no way to confirm whether this prediction will pan out. Not until some raw scans for chapter 512 of the "Fairy Tail" manga pops up on the internet that may suggest its possibility.

With that being said, fans are highly advised to keep an open mind for the time being and wait for further leaks to surface before jumping to conclusions. Needless to say, avid readers of the hit manga are advised to take this report with a grain of salt and consider it as a mere rumor until proven otherwise.

"Fairy Tail" chapter 512 should be up on the internet sometime early next week.