'Fallout 4' news: Update 1.9 beta now available via Steam; new features and fixes take center stage

(Bethesda / Flickr)An in-game screenshot from "Fallout 4"

The latest improvements for "Fallout 4" can now be enjoyed, although the update is still in its early stages, according to the game's developer.

In a report by the Dark Side of Gaming (DSOG) website, Bethesda Game Studios, the makers of the acclaimed action RPG, released last Monday the upcoming Update 1.9 in beta form on Steam. Release notes for the patch show the extensive number of updates, covering various aspects of the game.

According to the update's release notes, fans of the game can now enjoy new features. One of which is the Support for High Resolution Texture Pack. A "Featured" category was also added for mods while filters were also improved to sort Highest Rated and Most Favorited by "today," "week," "month," and "all-time." Moreover, a number of bugs and performance-related concerns were also fixed.

Players can now experience an improved stability and overall performance while problems involving occasional crashes when scrolling the Load Order menu are now addressed. Reporting mods categories and the Bethesda.net error messages were likewise fixed. The software developer, however, cautioned PC users that the download for the latest update is 58GB.

Meanwhile, a report from PC Gamer clarified that the 1.9 update does not include the actual High Resolution Texture Pack, rather, only the preparation for the game to support it. The report also advised gamers to have the ideal specs to accommodate the update, namely, an 8GB GTX 1080 video card and a Core i7 CPU, on top of the hard drive space.

For gamers using the Playstation 4 platform, Bethesda stated that Update 1.9 will provide "enhanced lighting and graphic features" that are highlighted by improved Godray effects and draw distance for objects, trees, and grass. The update for PS4 can be expected next week, they added.

Gamers who want to get hold of the beta update should right-click on "Fallout 4" in their Steam library, followed by selecting "Settings," then the "Betas" tab, and lastly, the "Beta" option right from the drop-down menu.