'Final Fantasy XV' release date news, patch updates: Day-one patch details revealed

(Final Fantasy XV official website)Official screenshot from Square Enix's "Final Fantasy XV"

The much-awaited franchise installment "Final Fantasy XV" has just gone gold and it is only about a week away from its release date.

Fortunately, it seems like the good news doesn't end there just yet. Square Enix recently revealed the details for the day-one patch of the title, which is part of the studio's efforts to give the best gaming experience to eager players.

According to Square Enix, the post-launch update for "Final Fantasy XV" will contain many new improvements for the game, particularly for its contents, Siliconera reported.

First up, the camera in "Final Fantasy XV" will get receive an improvement once the day-one patch rolls in. This update will reportedly "make it easier to track action going on in narrow areas" for the players.

There will also be a new mode in the game called "Wait Mode." As explained in the patch notes, this new mode will put the game on "wait" whenever the player stops issuing commands.

Square Enix has also added an item in the game called a "Monster Whistle." As the name implies, this whistle is used to call out monsters whenever the player wishes to fight more foes.

Another interesting content that the studio included in the patch is the addition of event scenes from the movie "Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV" and the "Omen" trailer to the game.

For the fans who enjoy collecting items while gaming — especially the die-hard in-game item collectors — Square Enix has added a gallery for the recipes and fish varieties in "Final Fantasy XV."

And lastly, a Social network function has also been added into the franchise installment, particularly for the ones who enjoy posting their achievements or taking photographs online through Facebook or Twitter.

In other news, "Final Fantasy XV" producer Haruyoshi Sawatari has considered adding another playable character in the game in the form of a paid downloadable content (DLC) character, such as  Luna or any other heroine that will soon be introduced.

The multiplayer co-op mode in "Final Fantasy XV" — called "Comrades" — is going to be released as part of the company's Season Pass for DLCs, past reports revealed.

"Final Fantasy XV" is scheduled to be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Tuesday, Nov. 29.