'Final Fantasy XV' updates: Director Hajime Tabata promises more updates and expansion packs

(Facebook/ffxv)Promotional image for "Final Fantasy XV"

It has been more than a month since "Final Fantasy XV" was released by Square Enix, but new updates about the game are still pouring in.

Recently, "Final Fantasy XV" game director Hajime Tabata posted a message on the Square Enix blog, greeting the fans a happy new year as he listed down the accomplishments that the team has done over the past year. He also paid tribute to the fans, acknowledging that the team wouldn't be able to accomplish those tasks without their support.

What is most interesting about the update is that Tabata also announced that 2017 will be "a year of giving back" to the fans. It simply means that Tabata and the team will continue on working on "Final Fantasy XV" so that they will be able to continuously update the latest "Final Fantasy" franchise and so that they will be able to release DLCs for the said game.

Unfortunately, it wasn't revealed when those promised expansion packs will be released.

In a report, Dual Shockers revealed that a few of the "Final Fantasy XV" characters will become playable when Square Enix releases the final multiplayer DLC. These characters include Iris, Aranea, and Cor. It was also claimed that the developers are also hoping that they will be able to add Lunafreya as a playable character, but they are unable to confirm her addition for now.

In other "Final Fantasy XV" news, Square Enix also recently released an almost two-minute clip from the released "Kingsglaive" film, featuring Ultros. In the beginning of the clip, the terrifying giant octopus-like creature was seen running after another creature who was obviously scared to death.

It wasn't long before the small creature ran behind a man who promptly took care of Ultros. The next scene depicts the man serving squid to the other characters in the movie.

"Final Fantasy XV" is available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.