'Final Fantasy XV' updates: Glitch reveals previously unexplorable areas

(Facebook/ffxv)Promotional image for "Final Fantasy XV"

Normally, whenever a game is shipped with glitches still seen and experienced by players in-game, it would get a lot of players angry, with developers scrambling to fix the problem. In the case of the glitch in "Final Fantasy XV," fans are now scrambling to replicate the glitch that a couple of players experienced.

The glitch was first reported by YouTuber Hesplo, who claimed that during a fight with Ardyn, he was able to experience a glitch that let him explore the city of Insomnia as something like a ghost, as the game let him fly through buildings and above the city.

The player was also able to explore areas in the city that were empty and unrendered, although there were certain areas that were very interesting to "Final Fantasy XV" players, especially a soccer field that was seen near the gates of the citadel.

Just a day after Hesplo reported the glitch, another player, Thekempy, was able to replicate the glitch, with the latter even uploading a tutorial on how to get the glitch while playing.

The vast unexplorable area — except while on a glitch — has prompted speculations that Square Enix could possibly be releasing future DLCs that would allow players to explore the said areas.

The speculation is not really unfounded as "Final Fantasy 15" director Hajime Tabata himself promised fans that Square Enix will be releasing updates and DLCs for the game as a way to give back to the fans in 2017.

Square Enix didn't even wait for 2017 to release their first update in the form of the Holiday Pack. Players got free content like a Nixperience Band, Warrior's Fanfare, Choco-Mog Tee Shirt, and a Carnival Passport. Those who purchased the "Final Fantasy XV" Season Pass got additional items like the Ring of Resistance, Tech Turbocharger, Armiger Accelerator, Blitzer's Fanfare, Tactician's Fanfare, Key of Prosperity, Stamina Badge, Festive Ensemble, Photo Frames, and a Carnival Passport.

"Final Fantasy XV" is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.