'Flip or Flop' news: Christina spotted with her new boyfriend, Gary Anderson

(Facebook/FliporFlopHGTV)A promotional still from "Flip or Flop"

In the midst of a taxing, drama-filled divorce, Christina El Moussa was recently spotted with alleged new boyfriend, Gary Anderson, and they both seemed to be happy.

InTouch recently posted a photo of the "Flip or Flop" star and her rumored boyfriend, walking side-by-side, with Christina wrapping her arm around Anderson's. The photo was said to be taken after the two took an hour-long stroll in a neighborhood located near Anderson's California home in Yorba Linda.

InTouch also reported that the couple looked "relaxed" and "comfortable" in each other's company, according to a witness. Moreover, the two were already seen inside Anderson's house the night before the photo was taken. "Christina looked adoringly at him. She was beaming," added the witness.

Anderson was hired by the El Moussas to be their designated family contractor. According to E! News last month, there were reports that it was Anderson who alerted the police of the commotion in the El Moussa residence involving the ex-couple last May, where Tarek El Moussa was reportedly seen holding a firearm. The former couple, however, clarified that no violence was involved and neither was there any charges that were filed.

The El Moussas, on the other hand, claimed that the reported incident was a mere misunderstanding and that Tarek just went on a hike and carried the firearm for protection against wild animals he may encounter. The E! Report also mentioned that Christina and Gary have high respect for each other, according to their source who was close to the new couple. "They are co-parenting successfully. They will be in each other's lives forever," the source added.

Last month, Tarek's lawyer confirmed in an interview with PEOPLE that his client had already filed for legal separation and that he requested for spousal support from his ex-wife. In the wake of the breakup, fans have been wondering if the show would still continue for another season, although TMZ reported that their TV show dominated the cable ratings last month, garnering a ratings score that was higher than that of an NBA game.