'For Honor' news: Ubisoft begins hunting down cheaters

(Facebook/forhonorgame)The official poster for Ubisoft's newest game titled, "For Honor," released last February.

Living up to their game's title, Ubisoft has started to go after cheaters who play their hack and slash fighting game without honor.

The video game developer confirmed that they have already begun the crackdown of around 1,500 players who were found guilty of "AFK farming" in their game "For Honor," according to a report posted on Reddit. The violation is defined as rigging a character to complete a match even if the player is not actually playing the game. This is usually done to attain game rewards, as well as game and character progress.

A report from Gamespot gave an example of an AFK farming strategy, wherein players use rubber bands to tie around their analog sticks, enabling their in-game characters to be always on the move even if they are not playing. Ubisoft, in turn, asserted that such a move goes against the game's Code of Conduct, and those that they have caught were given a three-day ban. Furthermore, the company has also detected 4,000 other players guilty of such a violation, and these players will be given warnings, accordingly.

Earlier this month, Jeff Kaplan, game director for Blizzard Entertainment's "Overwatch," also touched on cheating methods that were being used by players on the first-person shooter game, particularly on its custom games. "It's very disappointing to us that players abused the system to gain experience while inactive," shared Kaplan.

"Abusing and exploiting Custom Game or any other game mode to earn experience in Overwatch while inactive is NOT okay. The reason I want to be absolutely clear about this is because we are going to start to take disciplinary action against people who partake in these activities," he further explained.

Meanwhile, both games slipped further in the latest U.K. Software Charts published by Gfk Chart-Track. Standings for Week Ending March 11 saw "For Honor" slide to number 11 from number five the previous week, while "Overwatch" went down one spot to number 18. "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands," another title from Ubisoft, snatched the top spot from Sony's "Horizon Zero Dawn."