George R.R. Martin says there will be 'Winds of Winter' spoilers in 'Game of Thrones' season six

(Reuters/Denis Balibouse)George R.R. Martin, pictured above, is the author of the "Song of Ice and Fire" fantasy series, which the HBO show "Game of Thrones" is based on.

"Game of Thrones" is returning to HBO in a few weeks, and fans have no idea what's coming next as the show has finally surpassed its source material. George R.R. Martin has yet to finish writing the sixth installment of his "A Song of Ice and Fire" series titled "The Winds of Winter," and some of the stars of the show have confirmed that they are now currently off book.

The sixth season of "Game of Thrones" will address what happens to Daenarys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) after she was captured by the Dothraki warriors in the season five finale, and also the fate of Jon Snow after he was stabbed by the Night's Watch.

Back in January, Martin announced on his blog that he would not be able to finish "The Winds of Winter" before the season six premiere of the HBO show, and this made fans think that the TV series might be over before the author completes his novels.

A fan recently asked him on his blog if there's a chance that his seventh book, "A Dream of Spring," will beat the last season of the show.

Martin replied, "If the show runs ten seasons, maybe."

After his comment, another fan clarified if the 67-year-old was saying that there's a chance that this could happen, and the author wrote back, "No, of course not."

Another fan asked if they were setting themselves up for some "Winds of Winter" spoilers with "Game of Thrones" season six, as many were apprehensive about watching the show without having read the sixth book. Martin revealed that "there will be spoilers," adding, "If I had finished WINDS as planned…I did not, however. It is what it is."

Fans who want to catch a glimpse of the author at the "Game of Thrones" season six premiere might be disappointed to know that Martin won't be at the premiere in Los Angeles as he said in his blog that he has a prior commitment and that he would have to miss it. He also said that he did not write a script for this season, and that he has been very busy writing "The Winds of Winter."