HIV, AIDS treatment news: Arthritic goat's milk does not cure HIV, expert says

(Reuters)2,880 candles are lit during a World AIDS Day event in Jakarta, December 1, 2009.

According to experts, goat's milk is not proven to cure HIV.

Hopes and expectations are high concerning the possibility of developing a treatment for human immunodeficiency virus.

Recently, an Australian doctor has stated that HIV can now be cured through arthritic goat's milk. However, further examinations have shown that using the aforementioned treatment cannot cure the virus.

Last January, Dr. Samir Chachoua made it to the headlines as he claimed that he totally eliminated the HIV virus on his patient named Charlie Sheen.

According to Sheen, he stopped medicating himself with the conventional HIV medicines for almost a month because Dr. Chachoua had told him that the virus became totally "undetectable" in his blood.

Dr. Chachuoa revealed the secret behind the miracle. In his statement on Real Time with Bill Maher last Jan. 29, he stated that drinking arthritic goat's milk is the key for treating HIV.

"I found a place in Mexico with all these IV drug users, prostitutes, all the high profile things that are necessary for AIDS but I didn't find AIDS. What I found was, their people were drinking milk from goats, which had arthritis. These goats have a virus called CAEV, and this virus destroys HIV and protects people who drink it for life," said by the Australian doctor.

He also insisted that it was the goat's milk that eradicated the HIV from Sheen and from people in the island nation of Comoros in the year 2006.

However, Foundation for AIDS Research senior consultant Jeffrey Laurence strongly confirmed that they still have no cure for AIDS up to this day and that the future medicine will certainly not be related to goat's milk.

Even though it was known that caprine arthritis encephalitis virus (CAEV) is said to react with HIV, no scientific evidence have shown that it can actually destroy the said virus in the patient's blood.