'Horizon Zero Dawn' update: New videos show the tough transitions that the developers needed to make

(Guerrilla Games)A promotional image for "Horizon Zero Dawn"

Releasing a series of videos over the weekend, video game developer Guerilla Games shared how they transitioned from making a successful first-person-shooter game to the soon-to-be-released RPG "Horizon Zero Dawn."

A report from Gamespot stated that the developers of "Killzone" posted three videos on YouTube, showcasing their team's journey in the studio and how they were able to shift to a different approach in creating the new game that is slated to debut later this month.

The first video, titled "From Corridors to Mountains," revolves around how they came up with the battle scenes. "Intense combat is in our DNA," said Hermen Hulst, the managing director, who noted that they had to translate the high level of combat that they successfully employed in Killzone into Horizon Zero Dawn.

During combat, players will be able to shoot opponents on the knee, then follow it up by shooting other parts of the opponents, like the helmet and armor. "We added these layers of tactical opportunities for the player to add more depth and make it more fun," said game director Mathijs De Jong.

Studio art director Jan-Bart Van Beek admitted that the shift was a tough one. "It wasn't an easy transition, going from Killzone to Horizon. It's a big leap. It's a 180-degree turn that we've done with the company, where we went with something we knew very well to something we knew very little about, initially," said Van Beek.

In the second video, the team adapted to changes necessary for coming out with an engaging game. They adjusted by bringing in an external group of engineers and developers, along with a narrative team, who were considered experts in their respective fields.

The main pillars of the game, however, were already established when the new narrative team arrived, although they still needed to fit everything together seamlessly, John Gonzales, the narrative director, noted.

The third video zeroed in on the game's protagonist, Aloy, and how the developers envisioned her to become an iconic figure that will join the ranks of characters exclusive to the Playstation platform. "I think it's really hard to design an iconic character," said Van Beek. "You can hope for it, but it's not something you can really put a stamp on it, like 'okay, it's iconic now," he added.

Hulst, however, said that Aloy is headed toward the right path, describing her as someone who is "as strong, as iconic a character as the Helghast were as antagonists."