Huawei P10 release date news, rumors: New leaked render shows handset without a physical Home button

(Facebook / Huaweimobile)Official promotional image for the Huawei P9 Lite

Huawei's next-generation handset under its P moniker — dubbed the Huawei P10 — has been the topic of the rumor mill these past few days. Pictures of the handset have been popping up everywhere, and the latest one focuses on the front design of the handset, which is missing one important feature.

According to Playful Droid, the latest renders for the Huawei P10 handset features a front design without any physical Home button on board. In exchange for the button, it seems like Huawei has decided to put their logo on the same spot instead.

Some fans might find this recent leak for the Huawei P10 quite interesting. Others, however, will most definitely find this a bit odd.

The reason being is that, a photo has previously been published online coming from the same source – which is Changezone, based on the watermark on the picture – depicting a phone with an actual physical Home button, as reported by GSM Arena last week.

Some enthusiasts might not find these leaked renders to be quite convincing, considering the drastic changes that the phone models have gone through in a short period of time.

One cannot also deny the possibility that this could just be a fan creation for the model of the upcoming Huawei P10 handset. With that in mind, fans are advised to take these rumors with a tiny pinch of salt until they are either confirmed or denied by Huawei.

Meanwhile, the backside of the purported Huawei P10 seems to be identical in both of the leaked pictures. It shows a dual-camera setup on its rear, right beside the presumably circular LED-Flash and the Leica logo. The round fingerprint scanner is also the same and in the same location as what was featured on the past leaked render.

There has been no official word yet on the official release date for the Huawei P10. More news about the upcoming device should emerge in the coming months.