iMac 2016 release date, specs rumors: iMac to launch simultaneously with MacBook Pro, to feature 5K ultra HD display?

(Apple Press)Official product render of Apple's iMac computer

Apple may be widely known for their great arrays of Mac laptops, but their product line for desktops also perform just as good, if not better. This year, tech enthusiasts are looking forward to their Mac desktop or more known as iMac.

iMac will have its own advantages compared to the new upgrade of MacBook Pro, although there are also features that are expected to be seen on both devices. One of the few updates they will have with the latest iMac will be its ultra HD 5k display, which the MacBook Pro 2016 is also rumored to sport. 

Apart from the display, the new iMac 2016 is expected to feature Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Radeon Polaris graphics. This was actually announced earlier this year.

There are also reports saying iMac can support virtual reality because of its new graphic chips. A flash storage will also be included.

Another speculation going around claims that iMac 2016 will use Kaby Lake processors. The same processors will likely be used on their MacBook Pro as well. These processors are slated to be released in 2017. But given Apple often acquires the newest technologies if not making it, their 2016 models would already possess the new and more powerful processors.

(Reuters/Robert Galbraith)Apple logo on the storefront in San Francisco.

But when will iMac 2016 be released?

Inquisitr has noted that the latest iMac was released October last year. It is believed that the new iMac will come out around the same time. It will mean later this month or around early November. It is likely to be released simultaneously with the new MacBook Pro 2016 as well.

Tech enthusiasts mainly turn to rumors for information on the upcoming devices' specs and release date. Apple itself has remained silent and has given very few information about their upcoming array of Macs. Nonetheless, it is said that iMac will cost around $1,649 on its release.