Jeremy Lin latest news: Brooklyn Nets NBA star appears in wacky Taiwanese music video

(Creative Commons/John Fischer)Jeremy Lin and a Linsanity sticker

The 28-year old NBA superstar, Jeremy Lin, has been known for his prowess within the court, which has made him into an international sensation off and on the league. However, the basketball celebrity has also been known for his appearances in various online videos that range from different motivational videos to hilarious vines that have managed to further endear the star to fans worldwide.

Now, the basketball star has apparently set his sights on the music industry and has now appeared in a rather strange music video for the Taiwanese pop star, Jay Chou. The music video is for the star's latest song titled "Tu Er Qi Ice Cream" or roughly translated to "Turkish Ice Cream." The title itself hints at just how bizarre the video is, and true enough, Lin was right smack in the middle of it doing some very wacky dance moves.

Lin appears in the video alongside Jay Chou and then proceeds to play a basketball arcade game with him. Lin is then shown in a variety of scenes, which includes him playing the piano while Chou sings, as well as him doing the running man dance inside a basketball court after beating Chou in a game.

Lin is currently playing for the Brooklyn Nets. He had broken out into the scene back in 2012. He is also the first player in the NBA that is of Chinese or Taiwanese descent. His popularity also spread across the globe with the start of Linsanity in the United States. Despite the craze already waning down in the country, Lin still manages to be a sensation in other parts of the globe.

Aside from his appearance in the wacky music video, Lin had also starred in a rather strange anime rendition of "Space Jam." The video itself was a hit on YouTube and has since attracted more followers to his own channel, which contains his personal motivational and funny videos.