Joey Feek health condition update, latest news: Joey fights on, but losing battle

(Reuters)Joey Feek, right with youngest daughter Indiana. Though she has bravely struggled with cervical cancer, husband Rory says that she might go anytime. Her faith though has seen her through her struggle as she said she is ready to face the inevitable.

Joey Feek might still have much fight left in her, but then reality also slowly comes in. As The Daily Mail reports, doctors gave her six weeks to live after her cervical cancer returned last October.

Though she has fought through and has gone past that period, her condition is said to have taken for the worse two weekends ago.

Despite that, Joey is making sure that her husband, Rory, as well their children remember some things when the time comes. Rory has been on her bedside writing a few reminders for her family, as he has revealed in an interview with People.

"More than once, I have found myself beside her bed taking notes as she shares things like when the best time to plant the garden will be this spring, how to prune the fruit trees and to make sure we still set aside a percentage of what we make as a tithe each month," Rory says in the interview.

Hollywood Life also reports that Rory has accepted that Joey might pass away anytime, even though she is still bravely fighting to stay alive. The prognosis though looks grim, as her health continues to deteriorate. According to Hollywood Life, Joey might have less than a month to live.

Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014. Although she did get treatment, the cancer has become aggressive and by October last year, it was announced that it has become terminal. Her family decided to spend her days in hospice care instead of getting additional treatment.

Throughout the struggle, Joey and Rory have documented what is happening on social media, serving as an inspiration to others who are facing the same struggle. Rory though admits that even though he wanted to write on their blog that she is doing great, he cannot do so. As the Christian Post reports, Joey's morphine dose has been increased so as to ease the pain she is feeling.

Even with the pain, Joey has remained strong in her faith, and Rory recounts that she is ready to face Jesus when the time comes.