'Kate Plus 8' season 5 updates: Kate allows twins to plan their 16th birthday

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The upcoming episode of "Kate Plus 8" is very special as the family will be celebrating the 16th birthday of the twins Mady and Cara Gosselin.

In the synopsis released by TLC, it was revealed that surprisingly, Kate Gosselin had allowed that the twins be given free rein in planning their own party. What's not surprisingly is the tension and drama that result from the decision.

Supposedly, Kate would "find the moment bittersweet," but as is typical with kids, they are just too happy to be able to plan their own party and be around their friends.

In other Gosselin family news, it was recently revealed that Jon Gosselin, who has been in a bitter custody battle with Kate, was able to spend New Year's Eve with four of the eight Gosselin children. Jon and his four kids, Aaden, Joel, Hannah, and Leah, were joined by Jon's friends and his girlfriend, Colleen.

The former reality star took some very sweet pictures and uploaded them on his social media account.

This is great news for Jon, especially since just last Thanksgiving, a judge ruling has forced Kate to let Jon see and be with his kids for Thanksgiving. It has been years since Jon was able to spend a holiday with his kids as there have been reports claiming that Kate has been successful in keeping the kids away from her ex-husband during holidays.

Jon has previously revealed that even though their custody agreement states that he can have weekly dinners and overnight stays every weekend with his kids, the father of eight has had a very tough time spending time with his children. He has even claimed that his ex-wife has only allowed him to see four of his kids at a time.

Still, the father would take what he could get, and he was more than happy that he could finally spend some quality time with some of his kids.

"Kate Plus 8" airs every Tuesday, 10 p.m. EST on TLC.


 Happy New Year!!! 2017!!! Let's do this!!!!

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