'Kate Plus 8' updates: Collin to be seen in season finale

(Facebook/Kate Plus 8)Promotional image for "Kate Plus 8"

If there was one thing that was very much noticeable during the season finale of "Kate Plus 8," it was the return of her son, Collin Gosselin, in the episode.

Even before the season started, it has been known that Collin was not at home and that he was getting therapy in an undisclosed location.

In the recent episode of "Kate Plus 8," Collin was noticeable with his family as they played a family quiz show. The 16-year-old Mady was the one who hosted the game where she prepared questions that the family had to answer. The questions were about the Gosselin family, based on their past adventures as seen in previous episodes of the series.

Collin was looking very serious and was quiet, although he did engage in conversation especially when it was his turn to answer questions.

During the interview in the sofa, Collin joined his brothers Joel and Aaden, though the 12-year-old didn't say much and just let his brothers do most of the talking.

There were a lot of fans who have been wondering about Collin's appearance in the season finale of "Kate Plus 8" and in a report by People, they revealed that the episode was filmed before Collin was enrolled in the program.

The article also revealed that there are also times when the series airs footage out of order, so it won't be surprising if the family game show happened way before the family vacation that was recently shown in the past few episodes.

It was in the recent episode of "Kate Plus 8" that Kate herself admitted that the bossiness of her daughter Mady is something that she does see in herself. "Mady is very honest and blunt, which I tend to be," the reality star stated. "She's dramatic ... busted. Yeah, I do see a lot of myself."

Kate added, "I give it as much as they give it back. They feel safe saying whatever they really want to me because they're safe in doing it. And honesty is good, and that just means they feel comfortable in our family and we can be honest."