Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole collaboration album release date: Album unlikely to happen anytime soon

(Reuters/Eduardo Munoz)Musician Kendrick Lamar at the 31st annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Since the announcement of the possible collaboration album between Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole more than four years ago, fans of both artists have been waiting patiently for them to finally deliver on their promise. However, since the announcement, no official word has come out yet from both camps, which has now led to several reports claiming that the album may not see the light of day after all.

According to the latest reports, it seems like the hectic schedules of both hip hop artists may have prevented them from finally sitting down together and creating the album that they had long promised their fans. The two artists are apparently dealing with a lot of projects, and their schedules just don't allow them to spare any time to work on the album.

Lamar is currently tied up with his promotional tour for his new Reebok Classic Leather line, which requires him to travel around the world as the brand's endorser. The line of shoes represents unity and authenticity, which is reportedly why Reebok has chosen him as its endorser.

Strangely enough, Lamar is also apparently dealing with a number of lawsuits. The lawsuits include a complaint claiming that Lamar allegedly copied music from Bill Withers' 1975 song "Don't You Want to Stay." Another case is from a certain Sameerah Satterthwaite, who alleges that Lamar stole ideas from her poem titled "Revolutionary Women."

J. Cole, on the other hand, is quite busy with multiple concerts and appearance already scheduled for him throughout the rest of the year. Reports have revealed that he actually has an upcoming appearance at the John Paul Jones Arena this month during a Welcome Back Concert for students. The artist has also been booked to perform during the Washington State Fair concert the month after.

Given the previously scheduled engagements of both artists, it is highly unlikely that they would be able to sit down and produce the collaboration album anytime soon. However, some fans are still hopeful that the artists would be able to find time to finally deliver on their promise.